Personal Office – Small

A great setup for one person in a small room.

    Ways to collaborate with the Cisco DX80

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    A 23-inch 16:9 HD screen that provides an engaging experience for video calls

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    Present with your team on screen in real time.

  • HD video and audio calls - so you can see everyone’s reactions.

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Cisco Webex DX80

An unparalleled, all-in-one collaboration device for seamless transitions in your workspace.

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Room Experience

At Cisco we want to make the whole meeting experience as great as possible.

  • Microphones

    The DX80 has four microphones, two in each foot. Avoid placing items like your laptop or books in front of the feet, as this obstructs the sound and may degrade sound quality.


    The wooden wall grille consists of a layer of porous insulation material mounted on the concrete wall in a frame with a fabric covering, onto which a wooden grille is mounted. This provides sound absorption and reduces the flutter echo that would otherwise exist between the side walls.

  • Light sources

    To make video meeting participants have the best appearance, they should be lit with light coming from both the front (fill), top (key) and back. The top light is the main illumination of the subject. The front light is added to avoid dark shadows over participants eyes and improves eye contact. Back light makes the subjects stand out from the background and gives depth to the scene. To achieve this, use a glare-free luminary with a beam angle of 90° or wider, as it will serve as both key light, as well as fill and back light, when distributed evenly throughout the room.


    The recommended light intensity for faces is 400‑500 lux, measured vertically. We recommend 700‑900 lux on horizontal work surfaces. The lighting in the room should be even, with little variance between light and dark areas. A light color temperature of 4000 K often works well, but there are different user preferences around the globe. Avoid blending light sources with different color temperatures. In order to render skin tones and room interior with correct colors, it is important to have a color rendering index (CRI) of 85 or better.

  • Background

    A busy background can be disturbing when using video and makes it harder to focus. Back to back seating may allow video participants to see the screens of colleagues and this might introduce som privacy issues. A thin privacy screen may be placed or hanged between rows to maintain a calmer background.


    Good furniture can be essential in a good meeting experience. We recommend using a slightly slanted table when there are three or more participants seated on the long side of a table. It should be wider on the end closest to the system so that everyone can see the screen and be seen on camera. For seating, we recommend fabric finishes on chairs to enhance sound and acoustic quality.

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