Working from anywhere

Do what works best for you

All employees are entitled to an excellent work experience, no matter where they are. Whether employees are working in the office or remotely, Webex devices ensure a high-quality work experience across the board. Whenever, wherever, however…there’s a Webex device for that.  

Great minds don’t think alike…and that’s a great thing

Create an inclusive environment in your next brainstorm, whether your team members are in another cubicle or another country. From setting up a last-minute meeting to whiteboarding a new roadmap and capturing ideas quickly and accurately, Webex devices make hybrid collaboration a breeze.  

Webex collaboration devices include:  

  • Digital whiteboards with touch screen functionality and stickies 

  • Meeting integrations with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams with One Button to Push  

  • Webex Assistant with real-time meeting transcription, closed captions, and translations into 100+ languages  

Collaborate anywhere

When inspiration strikes, you’ll be ready with Webex

Don’t stop…you’re on a roll! Sometimes you need to be able to hunker down and capture those genius ideas before they slip away. You also need to be able to jump into a team sync and fully absorb what’s being said so you can share your own input. Likewise, your team members need to be able to focus on you, and not what’s happening behind you. Webex devices make it easy to achieve Zen-like focus in even the most frenzied environments.  

Webex Focus Features include:  

  • Background blur

  • Directional audio

  • Background noise cancellation

  • Immersive share

  • Spatial audio

  • Hi-res 4k video 

With Webex devices, everything just works

Give your IT team an unfair advantage with Webex devices. Webex devices are turnkey and intuitive so employees can enjoy a friction-free experience and get down to business wherever they are, freeing up IT teams to focus on more strategic work. 

 Intuitive IT features at their fingertips:  

  • Ready: enable easy set-up, so employees can get right down to business  

  • Set: create a consistent user experience across all their devices  

  • Go: help employees get to work fast with user shortcuts, such as pins to commonly accessed sites and applications   

Personalized workflows? We love that journey for you

Your preferred tools…on your preferred device…at your preferred times…in your preferred location? We thought you’d never ask. With Webex devices, you can toggle easily between Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, and you can also access your favorite apps, like Miro and Office 365, right within the Webex experience. Webex also offers a full array of devices in all shapes, styles, and sizes to suit your team’s needs—from the coffee shop to a cabin in the woods, and everywhere in between.  

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