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Webex offers a first-class working experience for employees everywhere

The wrong hybrid technology can be a dealbreaker

You’ve always trusted your team to get the job done. Now? You need technology you can trust as well. It’s great that Phil-From Sales’s is embracing the digital nomad lifestyle—but if as long as his technical issues don’t blow an important deal. With Webex devices, you don’t have to choose between a stellar employee experience and gold-standard business continuity.  

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Webex unified communications tools

Sharing the quirky team traditions. Communicating new employee expectations. Delivering an inspiring company update. An organization’s ability to clearly nail communication fundamentals has always been the foundation of employee engagement. But now, these essential corporate communications need to happen on a much grander, more complex scale. How do you ensure every employee around the globe stays in the loop? Webex transcription offers translation in 100+ languages, and Webex unified communications work everywhere.  What does this mean? Teams can stay close, even when they’re at a distance.  

Webex collaboration tools

Keep the vibe high in your next brainstorm with the most seamless collaboration tools in the industry. Webex digital whiteboards offer sharing capability, touch-screen functionality, and access to third-party apps, all in one integrated system. Don’t forget to keep the team spirit strong with interactive features like gestures, polls, Q&A’s, and reactions. 

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Webex employee well-being and inclusion tools

Hybrid work offers a host of exciting benefits, as well as some new challenges. How do you ensure employees are not overworking to the point of burnout? Webex offers personalized well-being insights so employees can proactively monitor their bandwidth. How do you make sure employees are set up for success in their remote office? Webex devices offer ergonomic features to prevent eye strain, improve hearing, and ward off mental fatigue. How do you help employees combat loneliness? Webex features include personalized profiles to foster a sense of belonging and ensure employees know their teammates.