Working from anywhere

Give them your full support

Easy device onboarding and updates

Simplify onboarding, ensure a consistent employee experience, and gain real-time visibility into all devices when you consolidate your remote office device plans within the Webex ecosystem. RIP BYOD.   

How it works:  

  • Device activates with a simple user code  

  • IT admin gains instant visibility into device details  

  • Updates install automatically so devices stay evergreen and secure 

Explore Webex devices 

Go ahead...leave them to their own devices

Webex Control Hub makes device management so turnkey and intuitive, even the least tech-savvy employee can work autonomously with ease. 

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Flexible technology for agile businesses

Provide complete flexibility to your distributed workforce with interoperable capabilities and solutions that scale as your company grows and evolves.   

Flexible features include: 

  • Freedom to join any meeting on the most popular meeting providers like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams with the single click of a button—no credentials, no login, no context switching.  

  • Option to enable popular integrations like Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Box, so users can share and grab the latest files right within workspaces. 

  • Hybrid Calendar integrations with Exchange, Google, and Office 365.  

  • Zero-touch provisioning for any identity provider, whether on-premises or in the cloud.