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Webex Desk Mini

Find your new favorite workspace with the portable desk device that’s designed for taking meetings in any room.

Webex Desk Mini - color options

Adding Flare to Functionality

The Webex Desk Mini fits naturally in your home. Or stands out - either way you decide. Personalize your workspace with technology that's shaped for you, not the other way around. Choose from an array of limited-edition colors.

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Integrated handle

Set up your office in the dining room one day and take it with you to the cabin the next – the integrated handle makes it easy to move around. All you need is power.

Webex Desk Mini - at home, kids playing

Work from any space

Don’t worry about your surroundings – features like noise cancellation, video backgrounds and automatic adjusting camera makes sure you always appear professional.

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Join any meeting

Connect directly from the device and enjoy the available options, or extend your experience to any meeting with USB-C. It’s in our DNA to adapt to people’s workday. Join any meeting without thinking about it.

Webex Desk Mini - Bandai Shelf

Designed to fit in or stand out

Designed to be a part of your home. Let Desk Mini melt in between your decor on the living room shelf and play your favorite music from the powerful 2.5-way loudspeaker with dual woofers and a tweeter.

The portable all-in-one collaboration device that enables you to make any space an office. Easily turn your living room or dining room into a productive workspace. Find all of the features you need to work, meet and co-create in this compact 15-inch interactive 1080p display; 64-degree HD camera, full-range speaker and background noise removal mic array.

Color options: In addition to our familiar First Light gray, you can choose the dramatically deep Carbon Black, as well as three new limited-edition colors formulated to complement spaces and lifestyles: Desert Sand, Nordic Blue, and Woodland Green.

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