Cisco Desk Pro

A 27-inch, 4K display delivers the ultimate collaboration experience to your desk, in shared spaces or small huddle spaces.

Webex Desk Pro - Front transparent, woman smiling

4k display

The Desk Pro provides a high-resolution, 4k-touch experience on an anti-glare, 27-inch screen

Cisco Desk Pro - on desk in living room

Charge your laptop

Experience power delivery to your laptop through USB-C.

Stereo speakers

Provides exceptional sound quality with 3 directional speakers and a subwoofer

Desk Pro in living room

Join any meeting

Leverage the meetings software of choice through USB-C while taking advantage of high-quality conferencing hardware

Certified for Microsoft Teams

Enjoy the native Microsoft Teams Rooms experience on the Cisco Board Pro today. Certification as a Microsoft Teams Display is coming in 3Q CY2023.

The Desk Pro transforms the way you work, collaborate, and co-create from your desk or in a shared space. Featuring a 4K, 27-inch touchscreen, 71-degree FOV 12 MP camera, 3.1 sound system, and advanced noise-canceling mic array, the Desk Pro provides an exceptional video meeting experience.

The Desk Pro is fully enabled for collaboration experiences and includes the same video, audio, ideation, and APIs that are available across the Cisco portfolio. With a USB-C connection, the Desk Pro is your all-in-one docking station and primary monitor, offering a simple, exceptional collaboration experience that extends beyond the Cisco portfolio to support your collaboration tools of choice.


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US $5,495 *


* Cisco Suggested Resale Price (CSRP) shown are a Target End Customer Price and are dependent on the specific offer model/configuration. CSRPs are provided for guidance and planning purposes only and may vary by country/region. This is not a binding offer from Cisco. Price does not include optional hardware accessories or Cisco Supported Services.

** Additional costs for support and installation services may apply.

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