Cisco Headset 730

Focus on what matters, with this Bluetooth® wireless headset for the home, the office and the journey between.

Clear Voice Technology
Cisco’s voice honing, boom less design coupled with noise cancellation, background noise suppression, and side tone enabling crystal clear audio. Anytime.

Customizable audio
Exceptional audio experience with advanced codecs, 40mm speakers, and customization on the go in the Cisco Headsets mobile app. At the touch of a finger, quickly adjust equalizer settings, configure headset features, or troubleshoot issues.

Enterprise grade security
Industries first, enterprise-grade security with hardware protection through secure boot and software protections through image authentication.

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* Cisco Suggested Resale Price (CSRP) shown are a Target End Customer Price and are dependent on the specific offer model/configuration. CSRPs are provided for guidance and planning purposes only and may vary by country/region. This is not a binding offer from Cisco. Price does not include optional hardware accessories or Cisco Supported Services.

** Additional costs for support and installation services may apply.

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