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Best Practices for Creating Effective Video-enabled Rooms

The Best Practices guide is available in a new version for 2021, helping you get the most out of your video- enabled rooms when you return to the office. The guide covers everything you need to know for configuring great meeting spaces, safety at work during COVID-19 and best practices for successful video meetings from your home office.

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The Webex Room Panorama is stitching together two board room tables virtually into one.

Room OS

Build web applications, macros and integrations for the world's most open and flexible platform for video collaboration devices.


The Hybrid Workplace

- (how to) thrive at work in the new reality

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to adjust to a new reality. Cisco’s first response was to offer free video conferencing and security solutions, even emptying our offices and shipping surplus videoconferencing devices to schools, hospitals, and governments. Organizations have embraced videoconferencing as a way to support remote working and continue their operations. We want to reshare our learnings in this guide.

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