Cisco Webex Room Navigator

Easily find and book a room with this smart touch panel.

Webex Room Booking

The Room Navigator supports Webex Room Booking solution both inside and outside of the meeting room.

Optimize spaces usage

The outside panel shows a yellow light when the room is booked, but unoccupied. This allows other people to use the room if the meeting finished early or people didn’t show up.

Smart meeting rooms

When the first participant enters the room, the light changes to red. This signifies that the room is occupied, making sure the meeting is not interrupted by people looking for an available meeting room.

LED visible from any angle

With availability visible from all around the device, it is easy to see if a room is booked or occupied.

Environment sensors

The Room Navigator has sensors that detect air quality, temperature, humidity, noise and light inside and outside the room.

Inclusive design

The Room Navigator is designed to work for everyone. The angle makes it easy to use for everyone, whether they are sitting down or standing.

Easy wall mounting

The Room Navigator is easily installed on glass, dry or thick walls - any kind of wall.

Clean look from the back

It is designed to look good from all sides. The Status LED is partly visible from the inside of the room, signifying the state of the room to the meeting participants.

Room Navigator - Getting the setup right

The recommended mounting height is 120 cm from the ground. It allows all users to use the device comfortable, including people in wheelchairs.


Humidity is an important facet of air quality. The Room Navigator senses humidity and gives you historical data through Control Hub. This makes it easy to see the humidity trend over time and see if measures made to improve the air quality have had an impact.


The Room Navigator senses the temperature in the room and provides you with historical data in Control Hub. This data can help you optimize your energy consumption, for example by turning on the heat or ventilation later in the morning.


The light sensor determines a comfortable brightness for the Room Navigator screen and status LED. It makes the product blend in with the environment, while also making it easy to find an available room.

Air quality

The Room Navigator can sense volatile organic compounds that can significantly degrade indoor air quality. Historical data is available in Control Hub, to help you decide if it is a safe and comfortable place to work in.

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Cisco Webex Room Navigator

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