Cisco Webex Room Navigator

Easily find and book a room with this smart touch panel.

Webex Room Booking

The Room Navigator supports Webex Room Booking solution both inside and outside of the meeting room.

Optimize spaces usage

The outside panel shows a yellow light when the room is booked, but unoccupied. This allows other people to use the room if the meeting finished early or people didn’t show up.

Smart meeting rooms

When the first participant enters the room, the light changes to red. This signifies that the room is occupied, making sure the meeting is not interrupted by people looking for an available meeting room.

LED visible from any angle

With availability visible from all around the device, it is easy to see if a room is booked or occupied.

Environment sensors

The Room Navigator has sensors that detect air quality, temperature, humidity, noise and light inside and outside the room.

Inclusive design

The Room Navigator is designed to work for everyone. The angle makes it easy to use for everyone, whether they are sitting down or standing.

Easy wall mounting

The Room Navigator is easily installed on glass, dry or thick walls - any kind of wall.

Clean look from the back

It is designed to look good from all sides. The Status LED is partly visible from the inside of the room, signifying the state of the room to the meeting participants.

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Room Navigator Wall-Mount Version

Experience the innovative user interface that enables you to intuitively book a meeting, check schedule, control the room and access advanced features. With elegant LED-light stripes, built-in sensors and a powerful API, you can make your office space smart.


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