Your cloud adoption journey

Take your first steps to the cloud with Cisco Webex Edge for Devices.

With Webex Edge for Devices, you can keep call registration and media services on-premises with no impact on your PSTN calling, while gaining cloud benefits that will transform your workplace.

The deployment journey to Cisco Webex Edge can be broken down into three areas: first, check you have basic prerequisites in place, then move to the fundamentals section for core components required to implement Webex Edge. Once you have fundamentals in place, move on to the optimizations that make the Webex experience come alive.


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To link your devices to Webex Edge for Devices, you'll need to access Cisco Webex Control Hub.

Read more about how to Get started with Control Hub here. After linking the devices you can add cloud features, manage, and monitor those devices.

Control Hub

To get licenses and Control Hub set up for your organization, you need to contact a partner in your locale. Flex is the recommended licensing model but there are many ways to do this and your partner can help.

Make sure you provide the partner with the email address of the administrator that will set up and manage Control Hub in your organization.

Look up your local Cisco partner

Configuration wizard

After a partner has set up Control Hub and licenses for you, they will send you an email to get started. Click Activate in the email and set up a password. Then go through the first-time wizard.

When you later want access to Control Hub, go to Webex Admin Panel and log in with your email and password.

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Webex Device Connector

Cisco Webex Device Connector is the software you use to link your on-premises devices to Webex cloud to provide them with cloud features.

You need to be able to route directly to the Webex devices you are linking or onboarding to Webex.

You can download the software from Control Hub and install it on a Windows or Mac computer. From the Webex Admin panel go to Devices, and then click Resources. Scroll to Tools and click Download.

Device Connector download in Control Hub


Ensure your devices are able to access the Webex Cloud over HTTPS.  Ensuring your devices can access via port 443 direct or through a proxy is all that is required.  No additional ports or infrastructure is needed.

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As organizations shift to hybrid workplace models, a well-functioning home office is critical for effective collaboration, and the right setup enables workers to keep in touch and seamlessly communicate with colleagues.

In most cases, the home network of a worker is more than sufficient for a great video conferencing experience.

You can use Webex Edge for Devices to enhance your existing methods for remote workers today, such as Mobile Remote Access (MRA). These devices can now gain all of the same benefits as the devices in the office by leveraging the Webex Cloud to simplify your management strategy while providing the same advanced features.

Cisco Webex Deskpro for the home office

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When it comes to Webex Edge for Devices there is very little to consider outside of your already existing network and security setup.  In fact, to get Webex Edge for Devices running you simply need to ensure your devices are able to access the Webex Cloud over HTTPS.  Ensuring your devices can access via port 443 direct or through a proxy is all that is required.  No additional ports or infrastructure is needed.

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In the Webex Edge for Devices whitepaper you can read more about how Webex cloud and the Device Connector tool communicate with your network and devices. It also covers data privacy and audit logging.

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Audio (PSTN) calling to individuals or audio bridges is possible from your video room devices.

Moving to Webex Edge for devices will not impact your PSTN (Public Switch Telephony Network) configurations.

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