Re-entry to a Hybrid Workplace

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to adjust to a new reality. Cisco’s first response was to offer free video conferencing and security solutions, even emptying our offices and shipping surplus videoconferencing devices to schools, hospitals, and governments. Organizations have embraced videoconferencing as a way to support remote working and continue their operations. We want to reshare our learnings in this guide.

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This is a normal paragraph. With bolded, italic, and underlined text within. The main challenge we identified for companies in the near future will be supporting a workforce split between the home office and the main office. We call this the Hybrid Workplace. There is a need and urge to get back to the office, but keeping employees safe and dispersed is the primary concern. Many companies figured out how to work 100% from the home office as an initial response to the pandemic, but creating equal opportunities and involvement for all in a Hybrid Workplace requires culture change, more planning and better tools.

The good news is this may be an opportunity for your business to stay competitive beyond just handling the current situation. While your other investments related to the pandemic may strictly target safety, moving to cloud, adopting a mature home office strategy and enabling the collaboration spaces in the office has a ton of ripple effects. Recruit the best talent regardless of where they live. Save the environment while saving travel costs. Give your employees better worklife balance. Stay productive and collaborative wherever you are, in high definition. Enable your offices with smarter services across buildings, sensors and digital interfaces.

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  • Reduce human-to-human-contact

  • Minimize face-to-face meetings

  • Minimize the need to touch anything

  • Guide and educate people

  • Clean and decontaminize

  • Measure people’s temperature

  • Track people count and movements.

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  1. Reduce human-to-human-contact

  2. Minimize face-to-face meetings

  3. Minimize the need to touch anything

  4. Guide and educate people

  5. Clean and decontaminize

  6. Measure people’s temperature

  7. Track people count and movements.

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